The whole point of a real-time GPS tracker is to give you up-to-date information on where your car is. But if issues like server connectivity and network problems are coming in the way of real-time data, maybe it’s time for a new GPS tracking device.

The Rollr Mini’s GPS tracking feature makes sure you do not have to deal with these troubles. Here’s how:

Rollr Mini Features: Real-time GPS tracker

Data Refresh Rate

If you are tracking your car and it deviates from the expected route, you want to know about it immediately, not five minutes later. That’s why a high data refresh rate is important.
On the Rollr app, location data is refreshed every 3 to 5 seconds, and not minutes (in good network conditions), to make it as close to a real-time GPS tracker as one could possibly get.

Server Uptime

All the data collected from your car is sent to your smartphone via the Rollr servers. To make sure you always have access to your data, our servers are up 24×7, with real-time monitoring by our staff, to guarantee high levels of service availability. In case the server does go down for some reason, our response team is alerted and we quickly sort out the snag and bring them back to running conditions.

Offline Connectivity

Network and connectivity issues are common in India, and we designed the Rollr Mini to be prepared for it.
If the device goes offline, it is equipped to log and store your trip data for upto 72 hours. And this data gets synced to your account once you are back online. So, no matter how remote your travels take you, there will be no gaps in your trip data.

Over-the-Air Updates

Irrespective of when you bought your Rollr Mini, your device will always have the latest functionalities that we have to offer.
The Rollr Mini receives over-the-air updates. So you can access our full range of features, without any worries about having to upgrade to a new device.

Responsive Teams

The Rollr team is always at your disposal to help solve any issues you face with your device. Whether you need some assistance with installation, or have a technical difficulty with your device, we’ll be there to help.
Give us a call, or drop a mail at, and we will take care of it.

As a real-time GPS tracker, we’ve made sure the Rollr Mini always does its job. And sometimes it does so in unexpected ways.

Here’s what one Rollr Mini user experienced:
My laptop was stolen from my car as I was getting a puncture repaired. At the police station, there was much discussion about the exact jurisdiction where the case should be filed. That was until I pulled out my trip data from Rollr. Since my car had stopped for repairs, the exact location of the theft was logged, and that quickly helped settle the jurisdiction issue.
Full marks to Rollr for its accurate GPS tracking data.

But there’s so much more to the Rollr Mini. Check out how the Mini goes beyond being a GPS tracking device for cars, to help your drive safer, and improve your car’s performance.