Some things in life just aren’t meant to be paired together. Like a McLaren in rush hour traffic. Like Glenfiddich and soda. Like your Porsche and any random OBD device.

Maintaining your luxury car at peak performance can be challenging, especially when it comes to choosing the right accessories. While the market is flooded with GPS trackers and plug-and-play OBD devices, you have to check if they are worth installing in your car.

When it comes to the Rollr Mini, you have a multi-functional OBD device that gives you real-time GPS data, vehicle diagnostics, and driving behaviour stats. But to make sure it’s a great match for your car, let’s look at a couple of other factors:

Device Quality

We are not just building a GPS tracker device, but also a device that taps into your car’s electronics. So we cannot afford to compromise on quality. The Rollr Mini’s manufacturing process is completely in-house, allowing us to ensure stringent quality checks at each stage. Automatic mounting and certified assembly lines make sure that each unit is crafted with precision.

Attention to Detail

Luxury cars brands have very distinctive internal mechanics and electronics, which is what gives them their characteristic speed and power.

Rollr Mini OBD device is designed to be compatible with luxury car electronics

While building the Rollr Mini, we have paid particular attention to this:

  • We took special care to understand the electronics in the various luxury car brands, and how they differ from those in A-segment or B-segment cars. Our team then went back to the drawing board to make specific design modifications, to make sure that the device does not interfere with the vehicle electronics.
  • We designed the Rollr Mini to draw minimum power (less than 2 milliamps), while in sleep mode. This prevents battery drain, unlike some after-market OBD devices that can draw significant power from the car battery, even with the ignition switched off.
  • The Rollr Mini was also tested individually on models from Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo and more. This was done to verify complete compatibility of the OBD device with luxury car brands, so there’s zero chance of damage to your car.


Many GPS tracking devices for cars are installed by connecting them to your car’s internal wiring. This could be problematic because:

  • Wire splicing on a luxury car voids the manufacturer warranty.  If anything goes wrong with your car after this, whether it’s an engine problem or a battery issue, you will have to get it repaired independently. That can be very expensive when you are sticking to genuine components. Meanwhile, going for low-cost components can adversely impact your car’s performance.
  • A faulty installation can damage your car. It is a complex piece of engineering and tinkering with the internal wiring, especially by a non-professional, can have serious safety and performance implications.

The Rollr Mini, on the other hand, is designed to plug into your OBD-II port. You do not need a professional to install it, there’s no messing around with your car’s wiring, and definitely no risk of breaching the warranty.

A luxury car is all about precision, performance, and attention to detail. And so is the Rollr Mini. That’s why it’s the perfect match for your car.

While the Rollr Mini checks all the boxes as a real-time GPS tracker and high-quality vehicle-diagnostics device, you should not ignore the data safety aspect. Before you make your choice, check out how Rollr Mini ensures data privacy and GPS security.