We all trust the service centre guys to take good care of our cars, especially when we know it’s an authorised centre. So did Nitin Sharma, when he dropped off his car for repairs.

The service centre folks said the repair would take a few days. But the next day, Nitin gets an alert on his phone stating that his car is being driven to an area well-known for its cheap local car components market. When he questioned the service centre about it, they said the car is on its way to a different authorised centre, while the GPS data clearly showed that to be false.  

Nitin became aware of this deception solely because he had installed the right car security system. Have you done that yet?

Our cars are one of the most expensive things we own. That brings with it the stress of its loss or theft, or even not knowing what’s happening with the car in our absence. A car security system would go a long way in helping us relax, knowing that our cars are secure, no matter where we are.

However, choosing a GPS-based car security system needs careful thought. Especially when it comes to the features and the sort of information you can track with it.

So, we have put together the key features that your car security system must have, so that you worry less about your car.

Must-Have Features for a GPS-based Car Security System

Location Tracking 

One of the basic factors for car security is knowing where it is at all times, especially when you have handed the keys to someone else. If your driver is bringing the kids back from school, you want to be sure that the car is on the right route. And as Nitin now knows, it’s important to be able to track if your car is at some place it’s not supposed to be.

GPS location tracking is one of the best ways to prevent theft of your vehicle. With live location updates, it’s possible to apprehend the offender in time and recover your car.

Geo-fence Alerts 

If your car regularly makes certain trips at certain times, like picking up or dropping off kids at school, geo-fences can be very helpful. With geo-fencing, you can set a virtual boundary, let’s say, encompassing the school and home, and get an alert if your car crosses the prescribed perimeter. That way, you don’t have to constantly keep tracking them, but you still know if the car has gone off the expected route.

Start & Stop Alerts

A security system that notifies you every time your car starts is another good theft-deterrent. If your car is supposed to be in the parking lot right now and you get a vehicle start alert, you definitely know something’s not right. You can immediately check what’s up and take necessary preventive action.

Towing Alert

For drivers on Indian roads, parking is a nightmare. And there have been times when we have had to park at the wrong spots, only to come back and find our cars being towed away.

A good car security system should able to sense movement along the car’s axes while it’s at rest, and determine if the car is being towed away. Once you receive the towing alert, you can step in if you are close by. Or at least know that your car’s being towed, rather than just panicking when you find your car missing from its spot.

Trip Data

It’s important that your car security system log every single trip made by your car. Whether you are driving, or your partner, or the driver; time, distance, and location information should be stored for all trips. That way, you are aware of where your car’s been, and if anyone has used your car without your knowledge.

Driving Behaviour

To ensure that your car is being handled well, you should be able to track usage statistics like overspeeding, sudden acceleration, hard braking, engine idling etc. While they are not directly related to your car’s security, they do impact the safety of your car and the passengers.

A security system that gives you this information is definitely a superior choice. That’s because this data helps you work towards improving driving habits if required, and make sure your car gets the treatment it deserves.

Customisable Alerts

There is nothing more annoying than an application that keeps sending constant notifications. So it’s a relief when you find an app that allows you to customise alerts based on geo-fence breaches, engine performance indicators, overspeeding etc, depending on your priority.

So, are you ready to install a car security system? Be sure to check whether it’s equipped with all these features.

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Note: Names have been changed to protect privacy.