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Perfect for personal & family car

  • OBD Device for GPS tracking & more
  • Rollr App

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Designed for fleet owners with more than 10 vehicles

  • Rollr Telematics Devices
  • Fleet Mobile App and Web App

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Large enterprise with 200+ vehicles

  • Customized Hardware & Sensors
  • APIs, ERP Integration & Custom Workflow

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Why Choose Us

Rollr brings decades of industry experience to help your vehicles be more. More connected, more dependable, more secure. As a part of the Samvardhana Motherson group, our OEM-grade hardware and applications are designed and manufactured to meet the
exacting standards of the top brands in
the automotive industry.

What Our Customers Say

Our diverse and expanding customer base includes top automotive manufacturers, system integrators, fleet owners and personal car owners

  • “If you truly love your car, this is the device for you. I am able to tap excessive engine idling, hard braking or acceleration, over speeding and other data on my phone, which has helped me improve my driving habits and my car's performance. It also helps me monitor how my driver uses the car. A must-have product for every car owner.”
    Gaurav Sharma
  • “Just plug Rollr Mini in the OBD port and you're ready to locate your car. No troublesome wiring, or monthly search and data recharge. The GPS location is always accurate and real time. And the best part is I can keep tabs on when my driver resorts to engine idling. Overall, the device is very easy to use and I recommend it.”
    Dr. Ravindra Kumar
  • “A cool product that does what it says and works like a breeze. Rollr can tell me the car's battery health, engine condition and a lot of other under-the-hood stats. Especially useful when I lend my car to friends. It also gives a summary of over-speeding/idling/hard braking stats, which is great. Thumbs up for Rollr!”
    Deepak Yadav