Here’s a spot quiz.

Have you ever:

  • Had your car break down on a busy day?
  • Worried about how the driver is handling your car?
  • Stressed about car security while parking in crowded marketplaces?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then you should consider the Rollr Mini. As a GPS tracking device for cars, the Rollr Mini’s real-time location updates keep you connected to your car, no matter who is behind the wheel.

But the Rollr Mini also goes beyond just being a GPS tracking device for cars. It’s a vehicle diagnostics device, that keeps you updated on what’s going on under the hood. And it also helps improve your car health, by telling you how well you drive, and how you can drive better.

So, do you really you need the Rollr Mini?

Yes, If You Have a Driver for Your Car

“Is the driver handling the car with care? Is he driving safe? Is he using the car without my knowledge?”

If you have a driver, you’re likely to have had these thoughts.

Rollr Mini can keep an eye on the driver for you. Here’s how

  • GPS Tracking:  With real-time location updates on live maps, you know exactly where your car is. If you are waiting for the driver to pick you up, it’s easy to track when he will reach. If your kids are being driven to school, you can track their trip – where they are, and when they will reach their destination.If you are worried that the driver is taking trips without your knowledge, you can easily verify that from the trip details.Get Trip Data & GPS Tracking Device for Cars
  • Driving Scores: A lot of hired drivers are prone to rash driving. That’s dangerous for you and your family, and bad for your car. Rollr Mini helps you monitor driving behaviour.By tracking instances of overspeeding, sudden acceleration, hard brakes, and engine idling, it tells you how your car is being handled. When your driver knows that their behaviour is being observed, they are motivated to drive more responsibly.

Check out everything that’s possible with the Rollr Mini

Yes, If You Drive Your Own Car

Your car is your lifeline, your prized possession and a big investment.  

So it’s only natural that you worry about your car, its performance and whereabouts! No more!

And here’s how Rollr Min works for you:

  • Increasing Fuel Economy: Did you know the way you drive has a direct impact on the fuel economy? Yes, you did. But did you know your driving score may not be as hot as you think it might be.Often we are not aware of some of the wrong driving habits we might have. But your Rollr Score, calculated by tracking overspeeding, hard brakes, and idling; can help identify your less than perfect driving habits. You can work to cut back on these, and that’ll improve your car performance and fuel economy.Get Driving Scores: More than a GPS Tracking Device for Cars
  • Vehicle Diagnostics: The Rollr Mini reads data from your OBD-II port to tell you exactly how your car is performing. Is your engine working fine, is your coolant temperature within acceptable limits, is there an issue with your battery? All of these questions can be answered by the Rollr Mini.
    So every time the “Check Engine” light glows on your dashboard, you will know what needs to be fixed. You will also know if the service center is charging you extra, claiming to fix things that they didn’t have to.

Yes, If Your Family Worries About You Driving Alone

If you have a high-stress job where you work long hours and frequently drive alone at night, you know how much your family worries about you. There’s probably a call every few hours to know where you are, if you are driving safe, and when you will reach.

But there’s no way you will let safety issues become a barrier to your achievements. And that is where Rollr Mini can help, by easing your family’s worries.

  • Shared Access: You can get your family members onto the Rollr app, by setting up shared access. Whenever you are driving, they will be able to view your real-time location. The GPS tracking feature will tell them where you are, if you are stuck in traffic, and when you will reach home.Get Car Health Data: More than a GPS Tracking Device for Cars
  • Prevent Breakdowns: Having your car break down at night can be a harrowing experience. But with the Rollr Mini, there are very few chances of that happening. The Mini’s vehicle diagnostics feature tells you what’s going on with your car, and send alerts for any malfunction. This means you can get it fixed in time, rather than being faced with an unexpected breakdown.

Now that you know how the Rollr Mini would fit into your life, you might have a few quick questions:

Will it work with my car?

We have tested the Rollr Mini with over 100 different car models. So yes, it will work with your car, without any adverse impact on its performance.

If your car is a post-2012 model, the Rollr Mini is perfectly compatible to your vehicle. You can access the full range of features and enjoy a complete smart car experience.

There’s a cheaper GPS tracker on the market. Is that not good enough?

The Rollr Mini is more than a just a GPS tracking device for cars. The vehicle diagnostics and driving score functionalities make it a more valuable device, ensuring your car’s health and safety.

True, there are cheaper GPS tracking devices on the market, but are you willing you take the risk? You value your car’s performance and safety. So you have to make sure that the device you choose does not compromise on quality.
So, does it look like the Rollr Mini could be a great addition to your car? Be sure to check out how others like you are using the Rollr Mini to their advantage.

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