What’s the first question you ask when buying a car?

“What’s the mileage”, correct? We almost always go for a car with the best mileage.

But the next question is, “How to increase car mileage?”

Here’s how:

Regular Servicing

The first step is, of course, regular vehicle maintenance and servicing. You get the oil changed, the electronics scanned for any issues, check the tire treads and air pressure. Basically, you get a full body check-up and repairs, to ensure that the car performing smoothly.

However, that happens only once or twice a year, at most. What we forget is that our daily driving behaviour also has a great impact on our car’s fuel efficiency.

So let’s take a look at how it increase car mileage by avoiding these four driving habits:


A lot of us love the thrill that comes with flooring the pedal and feeling our cars zoom forward on the highway. It’s fun for us but not for the engine.

When you consistently overspeed, it puts a strain on your engine. The pistons are moving faster, causing greater wear and tear. The engine is also consuming more fuel in order to deliver greater speed.

Sudden Brakes and Acceleration

Sudden brakes, as well as excessive braking, are detrimental to your car health.

how to increase car mileage - avoid sudden brakes - Rollr Mini

  • Sudden brakes can wear your brake pads as you are putting a lot of pressure on them to bring your vehicle to a stop.
  • There’s a lot of friction between the road and your tires to bring your car to a sudden halt, causing your tire treads to wear away.

Worn out tires have less traction and thus have to spin faster to move ahead. The higher rpm take a toll on your fuel economy.

Hard acceleration, especially on Indian roads, is a waste of fuel. Again, this puts a strain on your engine and could result in immediate hard braking because you got too close, too soon, to the vehicle in front of you.


It is often said that warming up the engine helps it run better, but in fact it just wastes fuel.

A lot of us also think that turning off the engine at a traffic light and then restarting would consume more fuel. However, even ten seconds of idling actually wastes more fuel than restarting.

Idling also drains your car battery and burns up more motor oil. And of course, it causes more emissions, leading to environmental pollution.

So How Do You Avoid These Practices?

The Rollr Mini OBD device is your best bet when it comes to avoiding these fuel intensive practices. It helps you improve your driving habits and your car’s mileage. And all this is made possible with the Rollrscore.

The Rollrscore measures how well the car was driven on any particular trip, and helps the driver analyse their driving style. It’s calculated based on:

  • Incidents of overspeeding
  • Sudden brakes
  • Sudden accelerations
  • Engine Idling

how to increase car mileage - Rollr Mini

At the beginning of each trip, your score starts at 10. As the app detects any of the bad driving behaviours, your score keeps going down. At the end of each trip, your final Rollrscore is determined by taking into account every harmful driving incident, and a series of complex calculations performed by our algorithms.

How to increase car mileage- Rollr Score

Along with your Rollrscore, you also get a breakdown of the above parameters. You can check if you consistently drive over the speed limit, or have a habit of applying brakes too late. A look at this data can tell you exactly what you need to change about your driving style.

You can then begin to actively reduce these harmful driving habits. This progress will get reflected in your driving scores, as they keep getting higher with each trip. This means you are:

  • Keeping your car fuel efficient
  • Reducing wear and tear on your engine
  • Doing your bit towards minimizing air pollution

Also, if your car is regularly driven by different people, say your spouse, your driver, or your kids; Rollr Mini can track individual driving styles. You can identify whose driving needs further improvement, and how, and help them accordingly.

So, if you are wondering how to increase car mileage on a daily basis, you should definitely check out the Rollr Mini. Besides giving your driving scores, the Rollr Mini is an accurate GPS tracking devices for cars and also helps monitor vehicle health.

If you would like to get a quick demo of what the Rollr Mini can do, just fill out the form and we will be in touch.

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