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plug-inPlug the Rollr Mini in your car's OBD port
activateAdd Rollr Mini in your Rollr App
ConnectYou are connected with your car

Worry less about your car


Live tracking, Location alerts, Trips & awesome analytics of your trip data.

X-Ray vision for your car health

Get instant alerts if your car has Engine problems. Get insights into your car’s data such as Battery health, Temperature & Fuel level.

How good a driver you are?

Check your Rollrscore to see how well your car is being driven.

For your family

Add family members as secondary users in the App for easy sharing of the car.

Check Compatibility

Rollr Mini is crafted in India for Indian conditions. It works with most car models manufactured in India after 2009.CHECK YOUR CAR COMPATIBILITY
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How does the Rollr Mini Work?

Rollr Mini plugs into the OBD-II port of your car. The Mini has inbuilt modem (SIM card) that gets location and car data and delivers it to you (on the Rollr App) via our servers. We interpret the data on our servers to show it to you in the most meaningful and understandable way in the app.

Will Rollr Mini work with my Car?

Rollr Mini is designed to work with all the passenger cars that have OBD-II connector. This generally means that all the cars manufactured after 2009 in India are supported. However, Car health feature may not work on few of the select car models that are manufactured before 2012. Please check your car compatibility before ordering.

What are the benefits of Rollr Mini?

The Rollr Mini works for your car in three major ways - Security, Fuel Economy & Problem Diagnostics. You always know where your car is with the Tracking, Alerts and Trips. Your RollrScore tells you how well your car is driven which in turns governs your Fuel Economy. Lastly, Rollr Mini can give you instant diagnostics of your car problems (that are supported by OBD-II).

What is OBD-II and what are the benefits of accessing the data generated by OBD-II?

OBD-II refers to On Board Diagnostics - all the cars manufactured after 2008 have this Diagnostics support and it enables detection of any problems that the vehicle might be having. It is used by service professionals in service centers to diagnose problems with Engine such as misfiring, low fuel economy, heavy emissions amongst others. The same information is now also available to you via the Rollr Mini and it may help you to diagnose serious issues before they become hazardous.

Why does it take a longer time to track the vehicle location sometimes?

Tracking your vehicle from the Rollr App relies on your phone's as well as Rollr Mini's connection to our servers. A weak or no network signal on either your phone or the Mini (e.g. when your vehicle is in basement) will make it longer to get the vehicle location data to your phone. The delay may also be because of a Weak or No GPS signal in the Mini (which may happen if the vehicle is not under open sky).

Why am I not able to Track the Car's location on the App?

In addition to possible causes (no network/no GPS) listed in the previous question - check that the Rollr Mini's connection to the OBD port is not loose.

Why is my Trip missing some part of route information?

The Rollr Mini takes some time to get the GPS fix so the location information may not be available for the duration of the Trip when GPS fix was not available.

Why can't I see some of the car data (e.g.) Fuel level? Or What Car Data can I get?

The health parameters that Rollr Mini can get from your car depends on the Car Make/Model/Variant. Check the Car Health Tab in the App to see the parameters supported by your car.

How is my driving score (Rollrscore) calculated?

Your Rollrscore calculation is based on complex algorithms based on analysis of thousands of miles of data heuristics that we have collected. To simplify though, the following events detected by Rollr Mini governs your net driving score - Sudden Acceleration, Sudden Breaking, Over-speeding or Idling. The events are graded on how severe they were (or how long they were in case of idling). The score is averaged over a fixed number of driving hours so the incidents long back in your driving history will not be taken into account.

I have some more questions, How do I get support?

Please contact us on with your details (Name & Phone number) and we will revert within 4 to 24 hours for your query.

Do you ship internationally? Will it work in my country outside India?

Unfortunately, we do not ship to international locations as yet and Rollr Mini will not work outside India.

Do you support/take bulk orders for fleets?

Yes. Please get in touch with us at with your requirements.

Can I switch the Rollr Mini to another Car?

Yes, you can plug the Rollr Mini to another Car - however, please note that the historical data from your previous car will be merged with the new car. You may reset your previous car data (please mail us at if you permanently wish to switch it to a new car.

Does Rollr Mini have a subscription fees?

Rollr Mini comes with the first year Data cost included - there is no other subscription fees over this data charges. Renewal from the second year onwards comes at a nominal cost of Rs. 75 per month (renewed annually).

What is your Warranty Policy?

We offer a standard 12 month Warranty from the date of purchase.

Still have more questions?

Please email at


Your car is compatible but we have not tested it on your car model yet. Please check back after some days or Contact us (with your Car's Make, Model, Variant & Year) and we will let you know when Rollr Mini is tested and ready for your car.