We’ve all had a taste of what happens to our schedules when our car is taken out of the equation. There’s always that one time when the car broke down just when we were late for an important meeting. Or the time when the kids were late from school and we didn’t know where the car was.

Even as cars are integral to us getting through the day, they also bring in a lot of stress. We worry, about the car, and about the people driving it.

What if your car could help reduce this stress?

Connected cars are capable of communicating with you, updating you on everything you need to know about your cars so that you never have to worry about it. And this is possible even if you are not be ready to spend money on a new car with advanced technology, right this moment. All you have to do is turn your regular car into a connected car, without any major expenses.

What is a Connected Car?

A connected car is one that’s equipped with internet connectivity and onboard sensors to collect information about its physical environment and internal mechanics. And it interacts with you to convey this information in a way that’s easily understandable.

How Would a Connected Car Help Me Worry Less?

We worry when we don’t know what’s happening. Every time your partner calls to say they are at point X, and reaching in 20 minutes, you worry less. A connected car can communicate with you, let you know this and a lot more, without you anxiously waiting for that call.

A basic connected car takes away the stress of “not knowing”,  as it’s able to tell you a few key things:

what does a connected car look like

Location: A connected car means that it has a GPS device that keeps you updated on where your car is at any given moment. Whether it’s in a parking lot, or en route to your kids’ schools, or stuck in traffic, you get real-time updates on what’s up.

Car Health: You’ve probably seen how the service centre folks can find out exactly what’s wrong with your car. With a connected car, you can do that yourself, at least for minor issues related to engine. Sensors collect a lot of data on vehicle health like engine performance, fuel levels, temperature etc. It notifies you about car health parameters and alerts you about critical performance issues, so you know exactly why that check-engine (MIL) light is on. That way, you can get things fixed in time and not worry about being stranded with a broken-down car.

Driving Behavior: Every time your car is on the move and you are not the one driving it, you worry. Are they driving safe, and are they treating your car well? A connected car should be able to answer those questions for you by collecting data around over speeding, acceleration and sudden brakes.

How Can My Car Give Me All This Data?

Your car is actually a very intelligent computing machine with lots of micro-computers running specialized functions. It is already collecting all this data, you just don’t know about it yet. You just need to start communicating with your car and access this data. And that is done with a connected car device, much like the Rollr Mini.


The car location tracker device simply plugs into your OBD port, the same port that the service centre folks use to check your car. Once the device is plugged in, all vehicle data is collected and transmitted onto secure servers. This data is then interpreted to give you all the key information that you want, in an easily readable format, right to your phone. Whether it’s real-time locations, or vehicle diagnostics, everything is accessible at the touch of a button.

And there you have it, a connected car brings you all the information and none of the stress.

We are already used to the convenience of getting things done with our smartphones. When everything starting from our mails, to shopping carts, to home security systems are connected to our phones, why should our cars be any different? Our cars are probably one of the most expensive and useful items that we own, and it makes all the sense to make them smarter, just like everything else in our lives.

So, how about striking off a couple of items from you list of worries? Find out how you can upgrade to a smarter, connected car with the Rollr Mini.