We are excited to finally launch the Rollr Blog

It was 15th August last year when we launched our first retail product – the Rollr Mini OBD Smart Car Device – and its been an amazing ride since then. The first few months were very crucial and kept us on the toes with each new customer and tons of feedback that we were receiving. Things have stabilized now as we plan the next phase of exciting feature updates and also expand our wings to other market segments.

Our mission with Rollr is to build the most advanced Connected Car ecosystem. We believe that its high time that car connectivity is democratized and consumers have access to all the great features that Car as a connected platform has to offer.

Here at Rollr, we are developing our own hardware, apps and server technologies needed to create an amazing user-experience with our products. In our blog, we’ll talk about products, customer stories, car tech and what the future holds for the connected car. Most importantly though, the blog is our connections to you – our customers, and we look forward to developing this medium as a conversational platform between us.

Safe Driving, Keep Rolling.