We are super-excited to announce the opening of the Rollr kiosk at the Great India Place, Noida. It is a great opportunity for us to actually meet and interact with our customers, and truly understand how we can deliver the “smart car” experience.

Our teams have put in some serious effort to get the kiosk ready. You can watch them at work right here:

We know how much you value your car. After all, it gets you through a hectic day, and it get’s your family home safe at the end of the day. And you want to make sure it’s always in great hands. With features like GPS location tracking, vehicle diagnostics, and driving scores, the Rollr Mini is designed to help you truly understand your car better.

Of course there’s more to Rollr Mini and we would love to tell you all about it. If you are at the Great India Place over the next few weeks, we would love for you to drop by. Our teams are excited to take you through the complete Rollr experience.

Rollr Mini is more than just a GPS device for cars . To know more stop by our booth.