It is our constant endeavour to provide the best of features to all of you. In the same spirit, we wanted to let you know about two new features that we released recently. If you do not see these options yet, we request you to kindly update your app to the latest versions on both Android & iOS.

New Feature: Alarms

Rollr App has always had the feature of Car Started Alerts and  Device Unplugged Alert (on push notification as well as SMS). However, there may be a scenario, when your phone may be away from you and you may miss these important alerts, especially in case of a security incident.

To tackle this case, we have introduced the Alarm feature. You can set an alarm to be activated in case the car is started at an  unusual time (for example – if you normally reach home by 9 pm, and leave for office by 10 am, then you can enable this alarm for this  time period).

For the Device Unplugged event the alarm is always activated.

You can access this feature from your Car specific “Settings and Alerts” section as shown in the image.

New Feature: Trip-wise Driving Score

Rollr App provides an excellent way to keep a tab on the driving behaviour which in turns governs how much mileage you can get out of your car.

Up until now, you were only able to see a consolidated score based on your entire driving history. However, this was not much useful to see how you have improved over time. Secondly, if suppose you gave your car to a friend – and you wanted to match his driving score, you didn’t have that option earlier.

For this, we are excited to introduce a new feature which gives a score for each of your trips. To view a particular trip’s score see the top right corner of each trip card.

To see the history of your driving scores, tap at the Rollrscore arrow on  the Dashboard.

We hope you like these two new features and look forward to see if you have any comments or suggestions.  We are always looking to see how we can improve the Rollr App experience for you so let us know any feature suggestions you have in the comments below.

Team Rollr